Who Am I

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so dope🤬

Awesome family


Who Am I
I’m the one that they asking for all the time
Who am I
I’m the one that they always ask to spit a rhyme
Who am I
The only one that really ever deserves to shine
Who am I
The running and gunnin the one that they love until he’s in his prime
Who I am
I’m the king im the boss
And I’m your every want and need
Who I am
But really who I am right now don’t compare to who I’m gonna be
Who am I
I’m the one that
They all used to call Mr Cowley
The one that would care
and would always be there
and always play fare
that they all doubted
The one that wasn’t never funny enough the one that wasnt never hungry enough
He was always to nice
And he paid the price
Until I finally came around and found em
it’s due to the fact
that you all were attackin
and wouldn’t step back and
I stepped on the tracks
to say what he couldn’t
stepped into the light
to be what he wouldn’t
I’ll say all the the things
he knows that he shouldn’t
But fuck it who cares
I’ll be getting a foot in
I know you can tell
That I’m doing this well
And I’m off of the rails
Hell I think that I’ve proven
That Mr COWLEY is out of here
Im the only one your allowed to fear
It’s CINAMADIC the legend
zaquan and we’re gettin much
Closer ta Heaven and now it’s clear
That we are the BUILDING LEGENDS
ARMY and it’s never ending
Now stand up tall beside ya brethren
All of my soldiers with guns in da holsters
we can all show them that we are all focused
They’ll stick up their noses be callin us posas as long as we know it’s because they all notice
That we are finally taking over
And United we are gonna stand
Well I hope that you listened
And nothing you missed
Cause this right here is who I am

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